Oracle Auto-Increment Support

To support auto-increment in Laravel-OCI8, you must meet the following requirements:

Note: If you will use Laravel Migration feature, the required sequence and a trigger will automatically be created. Please also note that trigger, sequence and indexes name will be truncated to 30 chars when created via Schema Builder hence there might be cases where the naming convention would not be followed. I suggest that you limit your object name not to exceed 20 chars as the builder added some naming convention on it like _seq, _trg, _unique, etc...

Schema::create('posts', function($table)

This script will trigger Laravel-OCI8 to create the following DB objects

Auto-Increment Start With and No Cache Option

Schema::create('posts', function($table)

Inserting Records Into A Table With An Auto-Incrementing ID

  $id = DB::connection('oracle')->table('users')->insertGetId(
      array('email' => '', 'votes' => 0), 'userid'

Note: When using the insertGetId method, you can specify the auto-incrementing column name as the second parameter in insertGetId function. It will default to "id" if not specified.