Html Builder Ajax

Ajax is an option that you set to tell dataTable where to fetch it's data.

See official documentation for ajax option for details.



Ajax Parameter

Ajax parameter ($attributes) can either be a string or an array.

String Attributes

When the attribute passed is a string. The builder will treat this as the URL where we fetch our data.


{tip} Setting ajax to null or empty string will use the current url where Datatables was used.

Array Attributes

Accepted options are url and data.

    'url' => route('users.index'),
    'type' => 'GET',
    'data' => 'function(d) { d.key = "value"; }',

URL Option

URL option represents the url where dataTables will fetch it's json data.

Type Option

Type option represents the type of request (GET/POST) that we will use when sending a request to the server.

Data Option

Data option is a js string that you can use to append custom data when sending the request to the server.