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WARNING You're browsing the documentation for an old version of LARAVEL-DATATABLES. Consider upgrading your project to laravel-datatables 10.0.

Error Handler

Laravel DataTables allows you to configure how you want to handle server-side errors when processing your request. Below are the options available for error handling.


Configuration is located at config/datatables.php under error key. You can also configure via env by setting DATATABLES_ERROR key appropriately.

The default configuration is env('DATATABLES_ERROR', null).

NULL Error

If set to null, the actual exception message will be used on error response.

"draw": 24,
"recordsTotal": 200,
"recordsFiltered": 0,
"data": [],
"error": "Exception Message:\n\nSQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'xxx' in 'order clause' (SQL: select * from `users` where `users`.`deleted_at` is null order by `xxx` asc limit 10 offset 0)"


If set to 'throw', the package will throw a \Yajra\Datatables\Exception. You can then use your custom error handler if needed.

Example Error Handler

Update app\Exceptions\Handler.php and register dataTables error exception handler.

* Render an exception into an HTTP response.
* @param \Illuminate\Http\Request $request
* @param \Exception $exception
* @return \Illuminate\Http\Response
public function render($request, Exception $exception)
if ($exception instanceof \Yajra\Datatables\Exception) {
return response([
'draw' => 0,
'recordsTotal' => 0,
'recordsFiltered' => 0,
'data' => [],
'error' => 'Laravel Error Handler',
return parent::render($request, $exception);

Custom Message

If set to 'any custom message' or 'translation.key', this message will be used when an error occurs when processing the request.

"draw": 24,
"recordsTotal": 200,
"recordsFiltered": 0,
"data": [],
"error": "any custom message"