Eager Loading Relationships

DataTables support searching and sorting of eager loaded relationships when using Eloquent. In this example, I will show you how to setup a eager loading search using EloquentEngine.

To enable search, we need to eager load the relationship we intend to use using Laravel's User::with('posts') api.

use DataTables;

Route::get('user-data', function() {
    $model = App\User::with('posts');

    return DataTables::eloquent($model)
                ->addColumn('posts', function (User $user) {
                    return $user->posts->map(function($post) {
                        return str_limit($post->title, 30, '...');

To trigger search on posts relationship, we need to specify the relation.column_name as the name attribute in our javascript appropriately.

    $(document).ready(function() {
            processing: true,
            serverSide: true,
            ajax: '{{ url("collection/basic-object-data") }}',
            columns: [
                {data: 'id', name: 'id'},
                {data: 'name', name: 'name'},
                {data: 'email', name: 'email'},
                {data: 'posts', name: 'posts.title'},
                {data: 'created_at', name: 'created_at'},
                {data: 'updated_at', name: 'updated_at'}

Looking at {data: 'posts', name: 'posts.title'},:

Nested Relationships

Same strategy goes for nested relationships but do NOTE that ordering is not yet fully tested on nested relationships.