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WARNING You're browsing the documentation for an old version of LARAVEL-DATATABLES. Consider upgrading your project to laravel-datatables 11.0.

General Settings


You can change the package behavior by updating the configuration file.

The configuration file can be found at config/datatables.php.

Smart Search

Smart search will enclose search keyword with wildcard string "%keyword%". The sql generated will be like column LIKE "%keyword%" when set to true.

'smart' => true,

Case Sensitive Search

Case insensitive will search the keyword in lower case format. The sql generated will be like LOWER(column) LIKE LOWER(keyword) when set to true.

'case_insensitive' => true,

Wild Card Search

Wild card will add % in between every characters of the keyword. The sql generated will be like column LIKE "%k%e%y%w%o%r%d%" when set to true.

'use_wildcards' => false,

Index Column

DataTables internal index id response column name.

'index_column' => 'DT_RowIndex',


A list of available engines. This is where you can register your custom datatables engine.

'engines' => [
'eloquent' => Yajra\DataTables\Engines\EloquentEngine::class,
'query' => Yajra\DataTables\Engines\QueryBuilderEngine::class,
'collection' => Yajra\DataTables\Engines\CollectionEngine::class,
// add your custom engine


A list of accepted data source / builders of datatables with their corresponding engine handler.

'builders' => [
Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\HasMany::class => 'eloquent',
Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder::class => 'eloquent',
Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder::class => 'query',
Illuminate\Support\Collection::class => 'collection',
// add your data source to custom engine handler

Fractal Includes

Request key name to parse includes on fractal.

'includes' => 'include',

Fractal Serializer

Default fractal serializer to be used when serializing the response.

'serializer' => League\Fractal\Serializer\DataArraySerializer::class,

Script Template

DataTables html builder script blade template. If published, the file will installed on resources/views/vendor/datatables/script.blade.php.

'script_template' => 'datatables::script',


Nulls last sql pattern for Postgresql & Oracle.

{tip} For MySQL, use '-%s %s' as the sql pattern.

'nulls_last_sql' => '%s %s NULLS LAST',