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WARNING You're browsing the documentation for an upcoming version of Laravel Oci8. The documentation and features of this release are subject to change.

Oracle Eloquent Model

Updating Blob directly using OracleEloquent

On your model, just add use Yajra\Oci8\Eloquent\OracleEloquent as Eloquent; and define the fields that are blob via protected $binaries = [];

Example Model:

use Yajra\Oci8\Eloquent\OracleEloquent as Eloquent;
class Post extends Eloquent {
// define binary/blob fields
protected $binaries = ['content'];
// define the sequence name used for incrementing
// default value would be {table}_{primaryKey}_seq if not set
protected $sequence = null;


Route::post('save-post', function()
$post = new Post;`
$post->title = Input::get('title');
$post->company_id = Auth::user()->company->id;
$post->slug = Str::slug(Input::get('title'));
// set binary field (content) value directly using model attribute
$post->content = Input::get('content');

Limitation: Saving multiple records with a blob field like Post::insert($posts) is not yet supported!