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Release Notes

Laravel DataTables 10.0

Laravel DataTables 10.0 splits Laravel DataTables 6.x into a main package and plugins packages for more flexibile and pluggable design.

Buttons Plugin

On Laravel DataTables 10.0, service classes and files are extracted into a separate package to reduce its complexity and dependencies on other packages by default. This idea comes up from Issue #832 which actually makes sense since not all users are using the export functionality.


DomPDF dependency is now optional on Laravel DataTables 10.0 and was transferred to Buttons plugin. And the Buttons plugin will now give you a choice to install it or not. This was as a suggest since we now have an option to use snappy as our pdf generator.

Other Changes

Request property

DataTables request property is now set as protected. To access the request instance, use the getter method getRequest().

$dataTable = Datatable::of(User::query());
$request = $dataTable->getRequest();