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WARNING You're browsing the documentation for an upcoming version of Laravel DataTables. The documentation and features of this release are subject to change.

Extended DataTable

We can now extend and reuse our DataTable class inside our controller by using before and response callback.

IMPORTANT: Extended DataTable is only applicable on ^1.1 and above.

Upgrading from v1.0 to v1.1

  • Upgrade to laravel-datatables-buttons:^1.1
  • Rename ajax() method to dataTable()
  • Remove ->toJson() from the method chain.
public function ajax()
return $this->datatables
->addColumn('action', '')


public function dataTable()
return $this->datatables
->addColumn('action', '');

Quick Example:

Route::get('datatable', function(RolesDataTable $dataTable){
return $dataTable->before(function (\Yajra\DataTables\DataTableAbstract $dataTable) {
return $dataTable->addColumn('test', 'added inside controller');
->response(function (\Illuminate\Support\Collection $response) {
$response['test'] = 'Append Data';
return $response;
->withHtml(function(\Yajra\DataTables\Html\Builder $builder) {
$builder->columns(['id', 'name', 'etc...']);
->with('key', 'value')
'key2' => 'value2',
'key3' => 'value3',