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WARNING You're browsing the documentation for an upcoming version of Laravel DataTables. The documentation and features of this release are subject to change.

Html Builder Event Callbacks

You can use a js string for each valid callback as documented on callback options list.

DataTables - Callbacks

Callback Description
createdRow Callback for whenever a TR element is created for the table's body.
drawCallback Function that is called every time DataTables performs a draw.
footerCallback Footer display callback function.
formatNumber Number formatting callback function.
headerCallback Header display callback function.
infoCallback Table summary information display callback.
initComplete Initialisation complete callback.
preDrawCallback Pre-draw callback.
rowCallback Row draw callback.
stateLoadCallback Callback that defines where and how a saved state should be loaded.
stateLoaded State loaded callback.
stateLoadParams State loaded - data manipulation callback
stateSaveCallback Callback that defines how the table state is stored and where.
stateSaveParams State save - data manipulation callback


In this example, we will hook on the the drawCallback of dataTable.

'drawCallback' => 'function() { alert("Table Draw Callback") }',